Your guinea pigs are family.

You need care advice you can depend on.

Trying to find a go-to source for proper pet care in the age of internet can be overwhelming. Outdated sites, conflicting advice, and forums that haven’t been updated since 2011… it’s hard to know what is right and what is trash.

I bet you want to learn as much as possible about your guinea pigs, but you just aren’t sure where to find information you can trust.

That’s where I come in!

If you’re looking for one place for dependable and straightforward information on how to provide the best life possible for your piggies, The Tiny Herd is the place for you!

I teach guinea pig owners how to give their pets a happy and healthy life!

I’m Allison – I’m a dedicated guinea pig (and bunny and rattie) mom, a regular saver of abandoned animals, and a dreamer with plans of opening a small animal rescue. My boyfriend (aka pig dad) also likes to joke that I’m a guinea pig encyclopedia.

I’ve spent almost the last decade of my life learning everything I can about my pets. Over the past eight years, I’ve owned a total of twelve guinea pigs. I’ve experienced bonding, surgeries, diet changes, illnesses, medications, rescues, and so much more – and I want to share all that knowledge with you!

Because I started at the beginning too…

Back in 2015 I spent a month shopping and preparing for the first two guinea pigs that would be the start of The Tiny Herd. And I found that preparing wasn’t that easy! There were only a few good online resources I could say I really trusted that I used to piece together the basics of guinea pig care. I made it work and did my best to give the best life to those two baby piggies.

Bunnies joined our family in 2018 and they were a whole new experience! Mike & Andy had been listed on our local shelter website for months and I went down a rabbit hole (pun intended) of learning everything I could to decide if bunnies would be right for us.

Now I can’t imagine life without bunnies roaming around our house or a guinea pig or two (… or seven)!

But through those first few years, I kept getting frustrated that I couldn’t find someone I trusted that shared proper, real-life pet care. So I decided to be the resource I’d wished I’d had and share what I’ve learned and experienced with you!

Come into my world… (and don’t mind the hay!)

I live in a small Midwestern town of about 13,000 people.

If I’m not in the pet room, you’ll find me lost in a book.

My biggest life goal is to start a rescue for small animals!

I have a constant craving for Sonic raspberry sweet tea.

I’m part plant… if it’s summer, you’ll find me in the sunshine.

I’m super type A and need my planner to get through the day.

So, where do you want to start?