Welcome to The Tiny Herd!

Welcome to The Tiny Herd!

Hey there, I'm Allison! I'm an 8-year guinea pig owner, a regular saver of abandoned animals, and a dreamer with hopes of opening a small animal rescue. If you want to learn everything you can to give your guinea pigs the happiest and healthiest life possible - you're in the right place!

You're NOT crazy for loving your small pets. They're NOT disposable just because they're little. I'm here to give you care guides, tips, tricks, and resources to be the best pet parent possible. I'm so glad you're here!

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"Saving one pet won't change the world, but surely the world will change for that one pet."

Hilary Swank

Hey, there!

Hey, there!

I'm Allison! I started The Tiny Herd to share proper everyday pet care for guinea pigs. I've had guinea pigs for the past eight years and I share the tips, tricks, and resources here and on my YouTube channel that I've learned over that time. I'm also currently doing the groundwork to start an animal rescue for small pets. I'm glad you're here!

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