Why I Want to Start an Animal Rescue

I’ve always wanted to start an animal rescue – here’s why!

If you’re an animal lover, you’re probably familiar with at least one rescue out there that is doing great work. You’re probably also aware that there are always more animals that need help than there are rescues and resources to reach. Today, I want to share the reasons why I want to start an animal rescue.

My hope is by sharing my story and reasons for wanting to start a rescue will inspire you to start your own or support one in your area!

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Why I Want to Start an Animal Rescue

What Are My Animal Rescue Plans?

Before I get into the specific reasons why I want to start a rescue, I wanted to quickly go over what my rescue plans actually are.

My goal is to open a rescue that specifically focuses on small animals and exotic pets – so guinea pigs, rabbits, hamster, mice, rats, hedgehogs, chinchillas, etc. Pretty much all the smaller animals that you can buy at the pet store.

The Tiny Herd (this website and my YouTube channel) will be used to make money to help fund the rescue. This will hopefully enable me to buy land and build an actual rescue building where we can really focus on providing the animals with proper rehabilitation and find them forever loving homes.

Now that you have an idea of what I’m planning, let’s talk about why I want to start an animal rescue!

There’s Always a Need for More Animal Rescues

As I mentioned before, there are always more animals that need help than there are people to help them. In my area specifically, I can think of three different rabbits that were dumped outside just in the past year. And those are just the ones I’ve heard about.

Even though there is usually at least one animal shelter in every county, not all of them take animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, hamster, etc. In my area, there’s only one Humane Society shelter that accepts these animals.

Because of this, the shelter is often left with more animals than they really can manage – mainly bunnies. At the time I’m writing this article, my local animal shelter has eighteen rabbits in their care.

I want to be another helping hand in my community to ensure the unwanted small animals find loving homes.

I Can Use My Pet Care Experience to Help Animals

I’ve been keeping small animals for the past seven years. I’ve had a variety of different species, from mice to rats to guinea pigs to bunnies. I’ve done a lot of research and gained a lot of experience with care, health issues, and working with vets with these animals.

Since I do have that experience, I think it’s important to share it with the pet community and use it for good. The way I’m choosing to do that is through starting a rescue (as well as this website and my YouTube channel!).

I want to start an animal rescue

I Have the Passion for Rescue Work

Are you someone who can talk all day long about your animals and the proper care for them? Me too!

That’s exactly why I want to start a rescue. Educating people about pet care and taking care of animals is something I could do all day every day. I honestly can’t imagine a better life.

In early 2021, I decided it was time to stop waiting and I really dove into growing The Tiny Herd and turning it into a business. Every step I take puts me one step closer to my rescue goals!

I also am always willing to speak up about proper animal care. I’ll talk about why education on pet care is so important in a second, but just know that when I’ve been asked about care or see something that can be improved, I’ve never hesitated to speak up.

I’ll Be Able to Improve Pet Care Education

Finally, a goal with starting a rescue would be to shine a light on proper care standards. Chain pet stores that sell these small animals as pets are often extremely behind on the pet care they promote – and many times do not even sell humane and safe housing and products for them.

The only way more people are going to become more aware of what proper care really looks like is if more players in the pet industry start getting involved.

If I can grow a successful rescue, I will have a platform and a voice to share what humane care really looks like for these animals in my local community and beyond. If enough of us do this, those pet stores and the rest of the pet industry will have to listen.

Opening a rescue really seems like a dream job in my eyes. I know there’s so much hard work, heartbreak, and support that is needed to run a successful rescue. But I believe all these reasons why I want to start an animal rescue really build a foundation for me to start something that will be a success and will be able to make the world a better place for so many animals.

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