Guinea Pig Christmas Gift Guide (what they really want!)

How to have a great guinea pig christmas.

What does your guinea pig really want for Christmas this year? I’ve put together a list of my top ten gift ideas for your pets in this guinea pig Christmas gift guide!

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Guinea Pig Christmas Gift Guide

1. Treats

Of course, guinea pigs love treats! There is a huge variety of treats on the market, though not all of them are safe and healthy for guinea pigs. I prefer feeding all-natural treats like fresh fruits and veggies. I also like freeze-dried or dehydrated fruit. Oxbow has some options that are pretty healthy as well. Try out a few types to find your piggies’ favorite!

2. Treat Hay

Guinea pigs absolutely love variety, and they love hay! Put these two loves together and provide your piggies with some fun treat hay options. Many people mainly feed timothy or orchard grass hay, but there are other types of hay your guinea pigs will enjoy. Oat hay, meadow hay, different cuts of timothy can all provide variety and enrichment for your guinea pigs.

My favorite hay is from Small Pet Select, and they have a bunch of options to choose from!

3. Fleece

If you don’t currently use fleece with your guinea pigs, getting them some fleece items can be a great way to change up their environment. While using fleece does take some additional maintenance compared to other bedding types, it can be a great way to give your guinea pigs a comfortable place to sleep. Plus, it’s cute! Click here to shop guinea dad liners.

4. Forage

Forage is a great way to give your guinea pigs some variety in their diet in a healthy way. Most forages are full of dried herbs and leaves that your piggies will love, but that you might not be able to find fresh. They aren’t usually found in pet stores in the United States, but you can find them online at places like Bunnies That Lunch and Small Pet Select.

5. A Playpen

Get a playpen for your pets that you can use to let them out for floor time! Floortime is a great way to give your pet time outside their cage to explore. You can find premade pens or you can make your own by zip-tying together some c&c grids. Whatever you use, your pet will love their time outside their cage!

6. Enrichment Toys

Since guinea pigs spend a lot of their time in their cage, life can get a little boring for them. Enrichment toys are aimed at giving your pet something to do to give their day a bit of variety. My personal favorite enrichment toys usually involve hiding treats inside something that the pet has to work out how to find.

7. Gorgeous Guineas Products

Gorgeous Guineas is a company that creates grooming products specifically for guinea pigs. They have a line of shampoos, creams, and ointments that are safe, easy to use, and help keep your pet looking great. They even have products for specific guinea pig skin problems – like mites, lice, dry skin, or foot sores. I love using the Posh N’ Go shampoo on my long-haired pigs to make bath time so much easier!

8. Bath Mats/Locker Rugs

Guinea pigs are creatures of comfort. If you keep your guinea pigs on fleece, you’ve probably already noticed they love snuggling down in comfy beds. Microfiber bath mats and locker rugs are a great way to provide an extra comfy place for them to lay. I put these in my guinea pig cages just about every cage clean because they are one of their favorite places to lay!

9. Wheat Grass Growing Kit

 Not everyone has the ability to take their guinea pigs outside when it’s nice out. A wheatgrass growing kit is a great way to give them some fresh grass inside! I’ve grown these for my pets several times and they have all loved it. It’s really easy and the kits are pretty cheap – plus they just keep growing if you take care of it.

10. Comfy Hide Outs

Even if you don’t want to keep your guinea pigs on fleece, there are a lot of soft hide-out options you can find for your guinea pigs. This can just give your guinea pigs a nice comfy place to sleep without creating extra work for you. There are a ton of options on Etsy and Amazon to match any decorating style you want!

These gift ideas are sure to give your guinea pigs a happy holiday season! I hope you got some new ideas on things you can get for your guinea pigs this year to make them even happier and healthier!

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Guinea Pig Christmas Gift Guide (what they really want!)

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  1. Christmas is quickly coming up and I’m definitely going to start saving up to buy our little Bean a new playpen. She deserves it so much for being such a good girl.

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