The BEST Guinea Pig Shampoo: Gorgeous Guineas Review

A review of Gorgeous Guineas guinea pig shampoo and skincare.

Regular grooming is a great way to keep your pets healthy and smelling good, but it can be hard to know what products to use. Today, we’re going to talk about bathing guinea pigs and doing an in-depth review of products, including the BEST guinea pig shampoo, from one of my favorite companies – Gorgeous Guineas!

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Grooming tools for guinea pigs

Do Guinea Pigs Need Baths?

A question I’ve gotten many times from new owners is “does my guinea pig need a bath?” Most of the time, the answer is no.

Guinea pigs should only be given baths as needed. This means they don’t need to be on any type of regular schedule for bathing. Usually, my guinea pigs only get “bum baths.” I have several long-haired guinea pigs, so they are the ones that end up getting baths a little bit more often (along with hair trims!).

My general rule is I only give my pigs baths when I can visibly tell they are getting dirty – most often on my white and long-haired piglets.

I do also have three guinea pigs that are six years old, which means they are senior piggies. Belle in particular seems to have a bit of arthritis in her back end, which means she has a little bit of trouble keeping herself as clean as she used to. For her, we tend to get a damp washcloth and clean off her belly every week or so to keep her nice and dry. She does end up getting bum baths more often than the rest of the pigs because of this – and we make use of some other great products from Gorgeous Guineas for her, which we will talk about now!

About Gorgeous Guineas

According to their website, Gorgeous Guineas was the first range of skincare for guinea pigs in the world. The owner of the company, Christine, has experience with human and animal aromatherapy and applied that knowledge to guinea pigs. All of the products are made with quality and safety for guinea pigs in mind.

Taking a look through the Gorgeous Guineas website, you can see not only the products but also information about what conditions the different products are good for. There is a “piggy problems” section that can help you determine what type of skin problem your pet is having (though if your pet is having any issues, be sure to take them to the vet!).

Gorgeous Guineas offers a full range of shampoos formulated for guinea pig skin. They also offer problem-solving options like their “lice n’ easy” shampoo. In addition to shampoos, there is a range of ointments, lotions, and creams that treat a range of guinea pig problems. You can purchase both full-sized and trial-sized versions of the majority of the products if you want to test them out.

The only downside I have found to Gorgeous Guineas products is the cost – the company is located in the UK, so shipping can be pricey. This will entirely depend on where you are located, so I recommend checking the shipping rates on their website when you’re ordering!

Today I’ll be reviewing a nice range of the products, so let’s get into it!

Gorgeous Guineas Review

Guinea Pig Shampoo

As I mentioned, Gorgeous Guineas has a range of different shampoos for a variety of different situations. The two shampoos that I usually purchase are the Posh n’ Go and the Manuka and Neem Conditioning Shampoo. There is also a Just For Boars shampoo I recently purchased and am looking forward to trying out on my boys!

My favorite thing about the guinea pig shampoos is that they are specifically formulated to be safe and beneficial for your guinea pigs. There are no harmful ingredients to worry about and they are pretty much a natural product.

They also work really well. The Posh n’ Go is meant to be easy to work through a long-haired piggy’s coat and easy to rinse. In my opinion, this is true. I try to get my piggies through the bathing experience as quickly as I can, so an easy-to-rinse shampoo is very helpful. It does a great job cleaning the fur and skin without being drying.

The Manuka and Neem Conditioning shampoo is something I purchased for a past guinea pig that had constantly dry skin. I used this shampoo on her whenever she required a bath to help keep her skin from getting even more dried out from the bath. I think it worked pretty well, her fur would always be soft and shiny afterward and any dead skin would be washed away during the bath!

The shampoos are generally around $9 for a 150ml bottle, which is a pretty reasonable price considering how long it can last. The expiration times on these products are usually about one year.


One of the first products I ever heard about from Gorgeous Guineas was the Perfect Paws ointment. This product is meant to be used on the bottom of piggies’ feet to keep them soft and healthy.

When I first adopted two of my female guinea pigs, their feet were an absolute mess. They were dry and cracked and needed a lot of attention. I purchased the Perfect Paws ointment after seeing it recommended online, and it works SO WELL. This is my absolute favorite product from Gorgeous Guineas.

I like to put Perfect Paws on all my guinea pigs after I clip their nails. I don’t have any pigs with feet issues at the moment, but when I did have guinea pigs with dry feet issues this was my first line of treatment.

Note: This works for mildly dry and irritated feet. If your pet has open sores, pain, or major scabs then they need to see a vet! Bumblefoot is a serious condition that needs to be treated with antibiotics.

They also have a Foot and Mouth ointment that is similar to perfect paws but can also be used for issues around the piggy’s mouth. The ointments cost about $5 for a 15gm container.

Lotions And Creams

There are a variety of different lotions and gels offered on the Gorgeous Guineas website that are meant to help with a range of different conditions. Since I don’t have any pigs with major chronic skin issues, the two products I have purchased the most often are the Kwench Lotion and the Calendula Lotion. I also recently purchased the Neem Soothe Gel to try out on one of my senior pigs.

The Kwench Lotion is meant to soothe and treaty crusty skin in guinea pigs. It can be used several times a day to calm down irritation and work to heal any dry or crusty skin areas. As I mentioned before, one of my guinea pigs used to have constant problems with dry skin, so I would use this on her ears and feet regularly to keep them from being irritated or rubbing. It is a little bit stronger than the Calendula Lotion. This product costs $4.92 for a 30ml container.

The Calendula Lotion is similar to the Kwench Lotion as it is also meant to be used on dry and irritated skin. Again, I have used this regularly on pigs that have chronic dry skin problems. I also know other guinea pigs owners with skinny pigs who use this regularly in the winter to keep their pigs’ skin from drying out. This product costs $4.92 for a 30ml container.

The Neem Soothe Gel is a newer product for me. It is meant to soothe and calm irritated skin from rubbing or scabbing. One of my senior pigs, as I mentioned before, has trouble keeping her belly and bum clean in her old age. After her little belly and bum baths, I have started using this on her belly just to keep it from getting sore or irritated. She tend to drag her belly a bit now as she moves so I don’t want her getting any scabs or sores. This product costs $4.92 for a 30gm container.

Final Thoughts on Gorgeous Guineas

Overall, I would highly recommend Gorgeous Guineas products. I have repeatedly ordered from their shop for the past 5 years because I am confident that the products are high quality and safe for my pets. While it can be a bit expensive to order due to shipping to my location from the UK, I really think it’s worth it to get the best products for my piggies’ skin. The next time you need grooming supplies for your piggies, give Gorgeous Guineas a try!

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