How to Build a DIY Guinea Pig Cage (with instructions!)

The complete guide to building a DIY guinea pig cage.

Want to a guinea pig cage that is totally customizable, looks super nice, and is easy to keep clean? If you have some building skills (or know someone who does) you can build your own! This guide will teach you some basics of guinea pig cages and show you how to build your own DIY guinea pig cage.

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How to build a DIY guinea pig cage

Guinea Pig Cage Basics

There are three things that a good guinea pig cage has:

  • it’s large enough for the number of guinea pigs you have
  • it’s easy to clean
  • it fits within your budget

Guinea pigs need more space than a lot of people think. Most cages sold at the pet store are not large enough.

The minimum cage size for two guinea pigs is 7.5 square feet. This is much larger than most people expect and much larger than the majority of pet store cages.

My DIY cage is also super easy to clean. The whole thing can just be easily wiped down. I don’t have to worry about anything getting stained or ruined over time. Plus, it usually looks really clean – when the glass is clean the whole setup looks so nice.

Last but not least, you want the cage to fit within your budget. While a DIY cage may cost more up front to build, it will last for years. My DIY cage was built in 2015 and is still in perfect condition today.

If you decide to build your own DIY cage, you can easily make sure it fits all three of these points by choosing great features and materials that work for you!

Why Build a DIY Guinea Pig Cage

The main downside of building your own cage is that you have to have an idea of how to measure and cut wood and use power tools (or know someone who does!). If you are handy, however, there are some big benefits to building your own cage.

First, you can custom design it to have the exact features you want. You can make it any size and customize it to work for your specific guinea pigs.

You also can design it to fit within your existing home decor. Depending on where you keep your guinea pigs in your house, you can choose the colors you want your cage to be.

A custom cage also allows you to include features that a pre-made cage isn’t going to have. For example, the glass on the front of my cage was designed to fold down for easy cleaning. You can add features to make your pet care easier for the space you have.

How to Build a DIY Guinea Pig Cage

Check out the video below for the video explanation of how I build my DIY guinea pig cage! Make sure to download your copy of the printable instructions as well.

How to Build a DIY Guinea Pig Cage (with printable instructions!)

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