Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Review: Is It Worth the Money?

Review of the AIR28 Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch.

It can be hard to find good quality products on the market meant for housing rabbits. Many of the options are either too small, too expensive, or too low quality. Today, we’re going to be reviewing one of the rabbit hutches offered by a brand called Aivituvin to see whether it’s a quality option for your rabbits.

Now, I was sent this rabbit enclosure for review and I actually chose this particular hutch to use as an outdoor time enclosure for my rabbits and guinea pigs. It isn’t meant to be a permanent enclosure and I won’t be leaving my pets in it full time. I personally don’t believe that there is any enclosure that is big enough to keep rabbits in full time as they need a LOT of space to run and play everyday.

However, I’ve had rabbits for the past four years, so I think my experience having rabbits gives me plenty of insight on whether this would be a good option for your bunnies. Let’s get started!

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Aivituvin rabbit hutch review

Who is Aivituvin?

If you’ve never heard of Aivituvin before, they are a company that makes guinea pig and rabbit hutches, chicken coops, tortoise enclosures, cat houses, and more. The company got started when the founder’s daughter got a pet rabbit and couldn’t find suitable housing options for her. He decided to build his own, and Aivituvin was born.

Aivituvin’s products are meant to be easy to put together, easy to keep clean, and safe for your pets. They’re also pretty affordable as far as wooden hutches and enclosures go. Their mission is to provide safe and comfortable housing for pets while also providing great customer service and being a great company to work for.

When they reached out to me to work together I did some research on them and they sound like a pretty nice company that does want to provide safe and spacious options for pets!

About the AIR28

Since I planned on using this rabbit hutch as an enclosure to provide my pets with time outdoors on the grass, I chose the AIR28 model. This hutch features a nice open meshed-in run perfect for my bunnies to get a lot of fresh air. It also has a good-sized covered hutch with two doors in case my rabbits need a place to hide or rest.

I have pretty big bunnies and this enclosure will be plenty of space for them to spend some time outside.

The roof opens up for easy access, as well as the top of the meshed area. It also has a door on either side which is convenient. The doors have spring-operated latches that are quick and easy to close, but take a little more effort to open. It would be extremely unlikely for these doors to come open on accident.

Something I really liked about this hutch is that the covered area actually has a floor. It’s even coated in PVC, which makes for easy cleanup. It’ll keep the wood from becoming wet and will also deter any chewers who might like to start on the edge of the floor.

This hutch is also pretty affordable. For how spacious, sturdy, and well-designed this is, I thought it would be more expensive.

Was it packaged well for shipping?

Yes! Things are packed in the box in a way that protects the pieces and also is easy to unbox. We had some minor bending of the mesh in one corner from shipping, but it was nothing we couldn’t easily fix.

All of the pieces had tissue paper between them so they couldn’t get scratched. There was also a limited amount of styrofoam in the box, which I appreciated since that stuff is terrible for the environment. The main box itself also folded completely flat. This was very helpful during the building process to lay the pieces out on.

The hardware and instructions were packed into the center of the box between pieces, which is a nice touch. There’s no way for them to fall out or get lost if a corner of the box happened to get ripped.

aivituvin rabbit hutch review

Was it easy to put together?

I was honestly so surprised at how easy it was to put together. Like Ikea furniture easy. The instructions have good diagrams and go step by step.

You do need a few tools to put it together – I would recommend a drill and a Phillips head screwdriver. I also recommend having two people; this would have been a bit trickier and taken longer if I was by myself.

I think the estimated time for assembly in the instructions was 45 minutes, and I’d say that’s about spot on with how long it took us. And a decent amount of our time was spent chasing down the instruction booklet since we built it outside on a windy day!

All of the individual wooden pieces were labeled with a letter which made it super easy to figure out what went where. The hardest part was putting on the hardware, and with the diagrams, we were able to figure it out pretty easily. I was really impressed with the design of this hutch – it was definitely designed to be both functional and super easy to assemble!

Is it sturdy enough for rabbits?

Yep! This is absolutely perfect for supervised outdoor time for bunnies or an indoor home base area.

I wouldn’t use this as a permanent outdoor home for my rabbits for a few reasons. First, bunnies like to dig. This hutch doesn’t have a floor (which is good, wire flooring is a big no!). Depending on the surface you put the hutch on, your rabbit might dig its way out!

I also think it would be hard to predator-proof it completely. You’d have to stake it down into the ground somehow. It provides plenty of protection from smaller animals like cats or foxes, but I’m not sure how secure it would be against a larger dog or coyote.

I would totally use this as an indoor home base for rabbits! It actually provides more space than you would think. This would be great to keep them in during the day, and the side doors would make it really easy to let them out for playtime.

Would I recommend it?

Yes! I honestly might purchase a second one so I can have my bunnies and guinea pigs outside at the same time.

Especially if you want to use it for the same purpose as I do – this is a great option. You can get your own AIR28 or check out their other rabbit hutch options here!

It’s so simple to put together and provides the perfect amount of space for my pets. While I wouldn’t house my pets in this enclosure full time, I still think it would be great as a home base for rabbits or outdoor playtime enclosure.

Aivituvin rabbit hutch

Final thoughts about this Aivituvin rabbit hutch

If you are looking for a great sturdy rabbit hutch, I think this is a great way to go. This hutch is easy to put together, well designed, and provides a lot of space for even large bunnies. While I wouldn’t use it as a full-time cage, as a rabbit home base or outdoor time pen, this is a great option!

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Review: Is It Worth it?

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